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24-Hour Towing Service in Columbus

24-Hour Towing Service in Columbus, OH

What surprises many drivers in need is that not all tow drivers work all night. Unfortunately, that leaves you not knowing who to call for 24-hour towing services in Columbus, OH.

Thankfully, you can still rely on us at Chad’s Towing & Recovery for reliable solutions. No matter where you need our team’s help, we stay on the clock for you.

From general car hauling to emergency services, black ice, and more, choose our services. No one else assists more local drivers than our talented 24-hour towing service truck operators.

See why more area residents continue to hire us whenever they need a tower for:

  • Unauthorized Private Towing
  • Accident Recovery
  • Winter Road Assistance
  • Emergency 24-Hour Towing Service
  • And more

Unauthorized Private Towing

As a business owner, it’s annoying to see people parked where they shouldn’t be. From parking in designated spots to them parking on your grass, it only makes you frustrated longer.

We provide unauthorized private towing for your commercial spaces and residential properties 24-hours a day. From tow-away zones to after-hours parking, we haul away any unauthorized vehicles that you find.

When drivers keep leaving their cars behind, we can tow them quickly.

Accident Recovery

After the initial shock wears away, you realize your car is stuck in the intersection. Unfortunately, when you can’t get it to start again, it restricts the flow of traffic.

When you find yourself injured worse than you thought, you can’t physically push vehicles. Instead, call our reliable 24-hour towing drivers today for faster and more affordable services now.

We can load and haul away any vehicles, no matter their present condition.

Winter Road Assistance

Each winter, the roads become slick with ice, sending drivers careening out of control. Even with snow tires, an unexpected patch of frozen asphalt can put you in danger.

Everyone from experienced drivers to those new to the road can lose control before long. No matter where you spin out or get stuck, we have your back 24-hours daily.

You don’t need to fear black ice when you call our contractors.

24-Hour Emergency Towing

Some situations needing a tow truck are much more severe than others, requiring immediate assistance. When multiple cars get involved, or traffic gets blocked, you need a professional tow driver right away.

Because we’re local to the greater Columbus, OH, community, we remain closer to you. When you find yourself in a treacherous situation, you can rely on our technicians.

We understand how scary the experience is, and we do our best to offer help. Our company provides experienced service contractors and affordable towing services 24-hours every day.

We keep your emergency towing needs simple.

The Best 24-Hour Towing Service in Columbus, OH

When you need a local towing service, your car deserves the best team around. From affordable rates to 24-hour availability, it’s easy to see why more people choose us.

For your best team of towing professionals, hire Chad’s Towing & Recovery.

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The Best Towing Solutions Near Me in Columbus OH

Some days, you feel as though nothing can stop your car from reaching top speeds. Other times, nothing seems to go right and leaves you needing towing services in Columbus, OH.
Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with your car, truck, van, and more. From blown engine parts to slashed tires, busted batteries, and others, towing remains a necessity.
When you feel overwhelmed by who to hire or what you need, call our team. We’ll provide the best in local towing service Columbus, OH, that drivers can trust the most.
Unauthorized Private Towing
Drivers can encounter problems at any moment, so why should your company go home early?
Accident Recovery
In addition to offering a tow truck, Columbus, OH, drivers can benefit from roadside assistance.
Winter Road Assistance
Is someone parked where they shouldn’t be? We act quickly to haul their cars away.
Emergency Towing
When you can’t wait for just any towing company in Columbus, OH, hire us during emergencies.


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